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Supply of Meats


Wines and Beverages

Cleaning Materials

Yacht provisioning services provided by  "Small Seed Yacht Provisioning " are the best choice if you want to spend your cruise free and careless, enjoying  every mile of the way.
Our goal is to accommodate all your needs with an efficient personal approach. Not only is our plan to grow with new clients, but to continue good relations with each and every one.

Quality is the first step to trust, that's why we like to personally select everything you order. Our commitment is to deliver your orders, sea or ashore, according to your desires and needs within the shortest notice. In order to make your vacation easier, we created the On-line shop where you can search from everyday necessities to top quality produce.

This is what Joan Gordon, managing director of Small Seed has to say:  I have been doing yacht provisioning for the past twenty two years,  as a job for about seven years before I realized that provisioning shouldn't be for just a job or for just a profit. Provisioning was the word I heard almost everyday of my employed life. You could just hear someone say "yacht provisioning", but to me I  noticed there is this essence about yacht provisioning. The satisfied feeling in me after I completed a provision was always because I knew that I have delivered freshness and satisfaction at a price my customers can afford".

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